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Everything Should Be Accepted.

It is what it is. Is losing your job unpleasant? Perhaps. But is crying, pouting, getting angry, everything should be accepted. But throwing yourself off a bridge going to rectify the situation? No. There’s a tremendous power in fully accepting the current situation. It’s very liberating.

Accept your circumstances and grow your capacity to deal with obstacles:

1. Acceptance isn’t the same as agreement.

Many people refuse to accept the current situation because they believe that it’s equivalent to approval. Acceptance is about not fighting reality. You don’t have to approve of the fact that someone else took your dream job, but that’s reality. Failing to accept the truth only prolongs your pain.

2. Acceptance allows you to work on the solution.

While you’re emotionally tied up in the circumstances, you’re stuck. Let it work on the solution to the obstacle in your way.

3. Let go of the need for justice and the need to be right. 

Would you rather be right or be happy? You can think of at least one person in your life that insists on being right 100% of the time. How happy are they? Remember that life is short. Move on.

Deal with the things under your control and accept the rest. Do you have a viable alternative? Dialectic therapy includes a concept referred to as “radical acceptance.” Embrace every experience, even those you don’t enjoy. The sooner you accept the situation, the sooner you can move beyond it.

“Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.”

                                                  – Michael J. Fox

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