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Nillkin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case With Final Review

They designed electrical plugs for usage in the United States.  Nillkin iPhone 11 pro max case with final review, Because outlets and voltage change from country to country, you may need an inverter or transformer to employ this device in your region. Kindly double-check compatibility before making a purchase. Because of the back ring kickstand, it will not function with a wireless charger.

Nillkin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Nillkin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Final Review

Nillkin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case With Final Review

This case is fantastic! Snug fit, great form factor, and the case’s texture allows for a good grip and is slide resistant. The built-in ring appears to be durable. The camera cover is simple to use and I enjoy the protection it provides, but it doesn’t seem like it will last long.

So if you take a lot of shots, stay away from a case like this since it will quickly wear out. And it’s debatable if a drop of it will stick on. I rarely use the camera, so it’s ideal for me; it stays closed. With that stated, I wish that

1. The hole carved on the rear revealing I covered the Apple logo with plastic.

2. The buttons were not “breathable,” making it easy for dust to get in.

3. If the borders are elevating. It offers a lot of protection for the price, but a few more raised edges would make it seem more secure in a fall.

Nillkin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case


  1. I’m constantly flipping the ring back and forth, spinning it, hanging my phone, and spinning it like a rifle in an old western.
  2. I appreciate how the 11 pro max camera protects by a slide. The safety corners are fantastic!!
  3. It is an attractive case. I appreciate how the ring doubles as a holder and a stand.
  4. The Green/black case is incredibly robust and affordable, and it goes great with the green/black iPhone.
  5. It’s comfortable in the hand and secures enough to grasp even 30 feet in the air.


I bought the case to protect the camera, and I’m not sure how I feel about the sliding door. I believe that the pressure required to open the sliding door would cause more harm than good to the lenses.

Buying Guide About Nillkin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

  • Nillkin CamShield Armor Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019 6.5″ with Slide Camera Cover and Ring Kickstand
  • The slide Camera Cover protects the camera from scratches, and a 0.2mm elevated bezel protects the camera.
  • Impact Dispersion Technology (affected-resistant air gap in four corners) is used to provide powerful protection for your phone.
  • Ring Kickstand: A high-quality zinc alloy plated ring holder that spun 360 degrees and use as a kickstand for hands-free viewing.
  • Tactile buttons provide substantial feedback and are simple to press.





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