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Book Review: 100 Devotions: Knowing God is Holding You Close by Lysa TerKeurst

Candid by Teneice Book Review: Author Lysa TerKeurst

I love this book, Knowing God is Holding. Lysa TerKeurst writes personally and beautifully. I feel like she is a close friend sitting by my side in a fulfilling conversation. Her examples of applying God’s word to everyday life reveal a deeper understanding of scripture and meaning in your life. It’s just beautiful, and a great read anywhere you are, anytime.

God does not retreat from your jagged edges. He draws you in. In Embrace, popular author and well-known Bible teacher. Lysa TerKeurst provides 100 devotions that will speak to women of all ages and stages of life. By providing a godly perspective on the problems you encounter every day.

Although many of us are more familiar with the agony of heartache and anxiety. Then the unconditional love for which we were born. Our hearts were intended for this type of love and security. While pointing to the ultimate embrace—God stretching His arms wide on Calvary via Jesus. So that He might pull us close for all of eternity and welcome us. Similarly, into the security and hope of His grace, love, and embrace. However, Lysa recounts her personal challenges, doubts, and heartbreaks in Embraced.

A genuine hug suggests an intimacy that is personal. It’s not a friendly handshake or a high five. When someone we know to be completely in love with us opens. their arms wide and draws us close. Meanwhile, it is the finest type of hug.

This book is beautiful inside and out! I thank God that His spirit inspired Ms. TerKeurst to know. What to say to our inner pain, questions, self-doubt, and joy? This book will never make it to my bookshelf. It must be read daily as a treasure, knowing God is holding it!

In addition, purchase your copy today by clicking this link. Therefore, I bought my copy, but I earned a commission. You won’t be disappointed.

Candid by Teneice

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