Survey by CareerBuilder demonstrates the advantages of remote employment — RESULTS

A survey by CareerBuilder demonstrates the advantages of remote employment—RESULTS

A recent CareerBuilder demonstrates the advantages. A poll shows that 69 percent of working people. The United States sees remote employment favorably. Over three-fifths (61%) of workers say. They work better remotely than at their company’s physical office.

77% of employed job searchers place at least some significance on it. 21% stated they had considered the option of remote work when considering job possibilities. It is extremely crucial when determining whether it suits a post for them. Most employed individuals choose remote work over other benefits. such as promotion opportunities (34%), job stability (33%), and a better fit with the business culture (33%). (24 percent).

According to Susan Arthur, of CareerBuilder, “This research shows that job searchers and workers recognize. The benefits of a dynamic work environment and that this sort of flexibility has become a priority for their present and future jobs.” Employers who provide a work-from-home or remote option are presently drawing seven times. As many candidates as those who do not.

Additional survey results include:

  • 79 percent of respondents believe a remote work option is essential in today’s workforce.
  • 40 percent feel happier, 37 percent feel more productive;
  • Two-thirds of working individuals (67%) would want to work remotely at least three days per week, while 28% would prefer to work remotely full-time; and
  • In fact, 38% of employees and 51% of Millennials said they would resign if they couldn’t work remotely.
  • Only 29% of employed individuals believe that remote work makes cooperation difficult and frightening, 23% feel alone, and 18% feel unsupported.

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Google Docs Now Allows You to Add a Text Watermark

Google recently provided the option to watermark photographs in Google Docs, and now the same capability is being added for text.

Google Workspace introduced the new watermark function in a blog post. Google stated in it, “You may now apply a text watermark to your Google Docs documents.” Additionally, while dealing with Microsoft Word documents, either importing or exporting your files, text watermarks will be kept.”

Text watermarks will display on every page of the document, so you may use this new feature to signal that anything is a draft or secret.
Apart from adding watermarks, Google stated that the update will keep watermarks on documents imported from Microsoft Word, requiring one fewer editing step to migrate your papers between Microsoft and Google’s document editing tools.

Simply select “Insert,” then “Watermark,” followed by “Text,” to add a watermark to your document. This will add whatever text you want on each page of your Google Doc until the watermark is removed.