SURVEY RESULTS: Tight labor market forces U.S. businesses to hike 2023 wage raises. Video Format

SURVEY RESULTS: Tight labor market forces U.S. businesses to hike 2023 wage raises.
SURVEY RESULTS: Tight labor market forces U.S. businesses to hike 2023 wage raises.

SURVEY RESULTS: Tight labor market forces U.S. businesses to hike 2023 wage raises.

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The U.S. labor market has more available jobs than individuals to fill them, therefore salary budgets are expected to rise in 2023. WTW’s Salary Budget Planning Report indicated that companies are budgeting a 4.1% average salary rise for 2023, up from 4.0% in 2022. The biggest gains since 2008.
According to the report, two-fifths (41%) of U.S. firms have increased their spending since early this year. Less than half of companies (45%) stick to their compensation budgets. Some employers are increasing salaries more often. 36% have already increased or plan to boost salary increases. 92% of responders adjust pay twice a year.
Nearly three in four respondents (73%) see a tighter labor market as the key driver for higher spending. 46% of respondents said employees expect inflation-driven raises, and 28% altered budgets for better financial results.
Compounding economic conditions and new ways of working cause firms to reassess pay expenditures to remain competitive, says Hatti Johansson, research director, Rewards Data Intelligence, WTW. In a dynamic world, firms must have a clear compensation strategy and a deep understanding of compensation growth variables. If a company plans to boost budgets, it’s vital to be prepared to award and explain pay changes swiftly and effectively.
According to the report, firms continue to face attraction and retention concerns, but fewer respondents forecast the same next year. 94% of respondents have trouble hiring talent this year, but only 40% predict trouble in 2023. Similarly, 89% of employers had trouble retaining staff this year, but that percentage should drop to 60% next year.
Many companies use non-monetary incentives to attract talent. 69% of respondents have improved job flexibility, and 19% want to or are considering it. Six in 10 respondents (59%) have emphasized diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), and 24 percent plan to in the next few years. 49% of organizations continue to offer sign-on bonuses and equity/long-term incentive awards, and 21% plan to do so in the next few years.
Talent retention efforts are underway. 58% of organizations have emphasized DEI to retain more people, and 26% plan or are considering it. Half (50%) have enhanced remote work flexibility, and 25% plan or are considering it. Nearly 40% have adjusted their compensation programs (base wage, short- and long-term incentive plans), and 35% are planning or considering. Over 36% have improved their employees’ experience, and 45% are planned or contemplating it.
With a likely recession, high inflation, and talent supply difficulties, firms must get innovative to attract and retain talent, says Catherine Hartmann, global practice leader, Work, Rewards & Careers, WTW. “The workforce is varied and energetic. Employers must balance employee preferences and needs with a quality employee experience.

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Survey by CareerBuilder demonstrates the advantages of remote employment — RESULTS

A survey by CareerBuilder demonstrates the advantages of remote employment—RESULTS

A recent CareerBuilder demonstrates the advantages. A poll shows that 69 percent of working people. The United States sees remote employment favorably. Over three-fifths (61%) of workers say. They work better remotely than at their company’s physical office.

77% of employed job searchers place at least some significance on it. 21% stated they had considered the option of remote work when considering job possibilities. It is extremely crucial when determining whether it suits a post for them. Most employed individuals choose remote work over other benefits. such as promotion opportunities (34%), job stability (33%), and a better fit with the business culture (33%). (24 percent).

According to Susan Arthur, of CareerBuilder, “This research shows that job searchers and workers recognize. The benefits of a dynamic work environment and that this sort of flexibility has become a priority for their present and future jobs.” Employers who provide a work-from-home or remote option are presently drawing seven times. As many candidates as those who do not.

Additional survey results include:

  • 79 percent of respondents believe a remote work option is essential in today’s workforce.
  • 40 percent feel happier, 37 percent feel more productive;
  • Two-thirds of working individuals (67%) would want to work remotely at least three days per week, while 28% would prefer to work remotely full-time; and
  • In fact, 38% of employees and 51% of Millennials said they would resign if they couldn’t work remotely.
  • Only 29% of employed individuals believe that remote work makes cooperation difficult and frightening, 23% feel alone, and 18% feel unsupported.

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This Curlformers review was not sponsored and I was not paid to write it. My opinions are my own. Also, I had this Curlformers before the packing change. But nothing else changed.

Are Curlformers the next no-heat curl fad? Were you looking for an easier method to obtain full, bouncy curls for your 4C Hair? Read on to find out if Curlformers is appropriate for you. Also, whether Culrformers is easy to use.

What a great question! When used in non-heat styling, curlformers are spiral mesh inserts that claim to give you the greatest, most lust-worthy spiral curls possible. The concept behind this latest beauty fad is to preserve your hair from heat damage while also giving you perfectly spiraled curls in the process.

What are Curlformers?

This Curlformers package includes everything you need to generate long-lasting curls, including two style hooks, two sets of Curlformers (both clockwise and anti-clockwise), and two sets of colors for the curlformers. The curlformers readily distinguished by their varied colors.

In addition to Curlformers, the Hairflair brand offers a variety of other styling products, such as Styleformers, which nourish your curls and help them achieve their best shape and condition, and Waveformers, which can be used to create anything from loose and luscious wide waves to tight tumbling tresses. It is entirely up to you!

Curlformers are comprised of a soft but durable mesh woven plastic that is easy to work with. Even after being bent, twisted, or straightened repeatedly, this latex-free material will return to its original shape and size. This style tool promises to work on all hair types, including 4a, 4b, and 4c, without the need of heat. You won’t need to use a curling iron ever again!


The convenience of the Curlformers styling kit is that it is available on Amazon, Target, and the official Hairflair website, among other places. There are three different types of Curlformers styling kits available at the moment. They are as follows:

Styling Kit for Curlformers and Barrel Curls

Curlformers Corkscrew Curls Styling Kit Curlformers Corkscrew Curls

Curlformers Spiral Curls Styling Kit Curlformers Spiral Curls

Furthermore, most curl types are available in a variety of lengths, including short (up to 8 inches), long (up to 14 inches), extra long (up to 22 inches), and super long (up to 30 inches) (up to 29 inches).


Before you begin the curling procedure, make sure you’ve decided on the sort of curl you desire (barrel curls, corkscrew curls, or spiral curls). I’m going to share my experience with a set of 40 spiral Curlformers in this Curlformers review and how-to guide.

Wet your hair: Curlformers work best and stay the longest when your hair is moist. To keep the hair moist, I used a spray bottle.

Curlformers: Carefully separate your hair and encase it with the Curlformer. To make applying your Curlformers easier and less time-consuming, take little portions of hair at a time.

Allow hair to dry naturally: Allow your hair to dry naturally. Curlformers are so comfortable that you can sleep with them on. Alternatively, use a dryer to expedite the drying process.

Remove Curlformers: Once your hair has dried fully, remove your Curlformers to show your flawless curls.

Teasing the curls can help you achieve the ideal curls. Finish with a mist or hairspray to keep your curls in place for a longer period of time.


It may appear and sound too wonderful to be true. Curlformers, on the other hand, are quite effective. Curlformers are a heatless alternative to applying heat to your hair to produce voluminous, bouncy curls regardless of your hair type (straight hair, curly hair), hair texture, or even 4a, 4b, and 4c!


Is Culrformers bad for your hair?

Curlformers do not harm the hair. Follow the steps outlined above, sectioning a tiny segment of hair at a time. If you have a lot of hair, get two Curlformers kits instead of trying to fit more into each Curlformer.

Curlformers last how long?

Without using a style/holding spray, my curls lasted many days with this styling package. With a powerful holding spray, you may easily prolong the curls for up to a week.

How many Curlformers are required?

Most individuals will only require one Curlformers style package, which has 40 unique Curlformers with a mixture of clockwise and anti-clockwise curl patterns. Those with thick, curly, or long hair may require more, depending on the size of the Curlformers.

Where can I purchase Curlformers?

Curlformers are available for purchase online at Amazon, Target, and the Hairflair website.